Township of Bruce Historical Society

Titles of Programmes for Annual Dinners

(* indicates a plaque)

1988* Township Hall, Underwood (pamphlet)
1990* Sinclairs' Corners (pamphlet) (programme)
1991* Cluny (pamphlet)
1992 Canada 125 (programme)
1993* Lovat (pamphlet) (programme)
1994 Quilts  (programme)
1995* Port Bruce & Malta (pamphlet) (programme)
1996* (Former) Churches (pamphlet) (programme)
1997 Agriculture of the Past  (programme)
1998 Bruce Township Tales & Trails & Supplement  (programme)
1999 Bruce Heritage Homes  (programme)
2000* Bygone Schools (pamphlet1 Mb)  (programme)
2001 Medical Memories  (programme)
2002 Family Treasures  (programme)
2003* New Cairn for Bruce Central School Bell  (programme)
2004 Focus on Fall Fairs  (programme)
2005 War Memories from the Homefront.. 60 Yrs. Later (programme)
2006 Celebrating 150th Anniversary ~ Bruce Township  (programme)
2007 Telephone Service Thro' The Years  (programme)
2008 Focusing on Cemeteries (programme)
2009 Book Launch: Laneways & Landmarks (programme)
2010 Recollections of Underwood (programme)
2011* Inverhuron 160 Years (programme, more info)
2012 Post Offices in Our Past (programme, postal timeline)
2013 Trees - Any Branch (programme)
2014 Spirit of the Barn (programme, notice of meeting)
2015 Our Weather Events (programme)
2016 Let's "Bee" Social (programme)
2017 none (programme, church service)
2018 S.S. No,. 14 School (programme)
2014 Inverhuron Park (programme)

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