Township of Bruce Historical Society

Titles of Programmes for Annual Dinners

(* indicates a plaque)

1988* Township Hall, Underwood (pamphlet)
1990* Sinclairs' Corners (pamphlet) (programme)
1991* Cluny (pamphlet)
1992 Canada 125 (programme)
1993* Lovat (pamphlet) (programme)
1994 Quilts  (programme)
1995* Port Bruce & Malta (pamphlet) (programme)
1996* (Former) Churches (pamphlet) (programme)
1997 Agriculture of the Past  (programme)
1998 Bruce Township Tales & Trails & Supplement  (programme)
1999 Bruce Heritage Homes  (programme)
2000* Bygone Schools (pamphlet1 Mb)  (programme)
2001 Medical Memories  (programme)
2002 Family Treasures  (programme)
2003* New Cairn for Bruce Central School Bell  (programme)
2004 Focus on Fall Fairs  (programme)
2005 War Memories from the Homefront.. 60 Yrs. Later (programme)
2006 Celebrating 150th Anniversary ~ Bruce Township  (programme)
2007 Telephone Service Thro' The Years  (programme)
2008 Focusing on Cemeteries (programme)
2009 Book Launch: Laneways & Landmarks (programme)
2010 Recollections of Underwood (programme)
2011* Inverhuron 160 Years (programme, more info)
2012 Post Offices in Our Past (programme, postal timeline)
2013 Trees - Any Branch (programme)
2014 Spirit of the Barn (programme, notice of meeting)
2015 Our Weather Events (programme)

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