School Section No. 7, just west of Underwood 

about 1950,  courtesy of Ruth Matheson

The Scottish settlers who came to Bruce Township, Concession 6 were: families of George Henderson, Sandy McKay, William Inkster, John Fletcher, the Mathesons and the Orfords. Nearby, on the 4th Concession and in Underwood were the Kippens, Burwashes, MacDougalls, MacKays, Gunns, Richardsons and Cottrills. To serve this area, a log school was built in the 1860's on the Fletcher farm, Lot 1, Concession 7.
On the roll were about one hundred students ranging in age from six to twenty-one. The first teacher was Miss Sinclair from Sinclair's Corners. A later teacher, Hugh Murray, cleared his farm after school hours. Another teacher, Miss Katie Urquhart taught in the school 1928-45, a total of 16 years.
A brick school was built in 1876 on a new site, Lot 5, Concession 7, just west of Underwood, while classes were held in Gunns' house in Underwood. One of the teachers was W E Diefenbaker who later moved to Saskatchewan.
In 1883, to accommodate the enrolment of 120, a new room was added. The first Principal was Neil D. McKinnon with Miss Henderson as assistant. In 1896, due to reduced attendance, the north room was closed. From 1911-1914, Miss Ena Henderson was teacher. On Good Friday, March 21, 1913, a tornado-like wind swept through the township, collapsing the south end of the building. It was rebuilt with metal reinforcement for the walls. Charles Fotheringham introduced music in 1938. In 1939 a junior Red Cross was formed which did much to further the war effort.
In 1940, a shrub planting demonstration took place. Thirty-three shrubs were planted, forsythia, spirea, hydrangea, orange blossom, and japonica, most of which grew and added great beauty to the area.
Some of the Secretaries were: J.B. Richardson, John Young, Alex MacKenzie, Albert Inkster, and Hibbert Carleton.
A piano was purchased in 1945, Hydro installed September 1949.
In January 1951, the Bruce Township School Area was inaugurated and in 1965 the eight room Central School absorbed the pupils of No. 7. The building has now disappeared, but the land is owned by Roy and Janet Irwin.
Teachers - U.S.S. #7
Miss Sinclair, Hugh Murray, C.R.Johnson, Archie McNeil, Alex McRae, Mal. MacDougall, Neil D. McKinnon, Joseph Richardson, Neil Richardson, W .F. Diefenbaker, Allan Nelson, Miss Hardman, Allan Cameron, N.C. MacKay, J.T. Kidd, Miss Munroe, Miss Campbell, Miss Young, Miss Lamont, Miss Henderson, Miss McRae, Miss Anderson, Miss McLelland, Alma Pinkney, N.A. MacDonald, J.F. Scott, Miss K. Urquhart, Miss H. Robinson, Miss C. Steinhoff, Clare Sockets, Mrs. Jean Dent, Mrs. G. Morphet, Mrs. Ada Nuttall, Miss Joyce McNay, Miss Judith Hardman. Mrs. Jessie McKinnon Gr. 1 before moved to Bruce Township Central School
The Junior Room teachers were as follows, when two rooms were operating: Miss Mary Gunn, Susan B. Matheson, Miss Anderson, Flora A. MacKay, Miss Tena B. Wells

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

S.S. # 7 1893 newspaper  courtesy of Eleanor Thompson
S.S. # 7 1899 newspaper & names  courtesy of Eleanor Thompson
S.S. # 7 1925 class  courtesy of Marjorie Kennedy
S.S. # 7 1939 class & names
S.S. # 7 1945 class & names  courtesy of Lois & Gordon Brown
S.S. # 7 about 1947 class & names  courtesy of  Lois & Gordon Brown
S.S. # 7 1949 class & names  courtesy of Ken Howe, Donelda MacKinnon
S.S. # 7 1950 class & names  courtesy of Ken Howe
S.S. # 7 1958-59 class and names   courtesy of Alma Virtue
S.S. # 7 1959-60 class & names  courtesy of Alma Virtue
S.S. # 7 1964-64 class and names  courtesy of Alma Virtue

2006 Reunion, Dobsons courtesy of Margaret Bruce Hutton

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