School Section No. 6,  Baie Du Dore 

The early log school was placed below the "Mountain" on the southwest corner of Lot C, Concession 7. A school was built in 1876 on a site farther east, and the old school grounds sold to Henry Vennard for $20.00, $10.00 in cash and the rest in one year's time. The new site on Lot E, Concession 6 was bought for $60.00, the building erected by A.J. MacKay for $981.50, a well drilled for $99.25 by Mr. Murdoch. The library was valued at $44.00, maps at $25.00. The tax levy that year was $800.00.
Early trustees were Hugh McLennan, William West, James Struthers, Peter Campbell and Matthew Dobson. The first teacher was Duncan Menzies. In 1920 the average attendance was 11.44. Music was introduced in 1938 with Mr. Fotheringham the itinerant teacher.
In 1950 the teacher, Howard Bruce, received a salary of $1800.00. The trustees were James Inkster, Alex Brown, John McLennan with Fraser Farrell as Secretary-Treasurer.
In 1957 the school closed due to shortage of pupils, reopened in 1958, but closed again in 1959. It reopened in 1961, and then to be finally closed in June of 1964.
School and site were sold to Manley Forbes of Hepworth in August 1964. It was occupied as a residence until destroyed by fire in 1982.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

S.S. # 6 1903 class list  courtesy of John Farrell
S.S. # 6 about 1910 newspaper class & names  courtesy of Bonnie Colins
S.S. # 6 1910 students  courtesy of John Farrell
S.S. # 6 1927 certificate  courtesy of Marjorie Tennyson
S.S. # 6 about 1937 class & names courtesy of Bonnie Collins
S.S. # 6 1950 class & names courtesy of Bill Inkster
S.S. # 6 1952 class & names courtesy of Ruth Matheson
S.S. # 6 1953 class & names courtesy of Marion Grant
S.S. # 6 1956 class & names courtesy of Marion Grant
S.S. # 6 about 1963 class & names courtesy of Mary (Bruce) Galliger

2006 Reunion, 8 former students courtesy of Margaret Bruce Hutton
2006 Reunion, 5 former students & teacher courtesy of Margaret Bruce Hutton

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