School Section No. 5 

For many years, children on Concession 2 had to walk through the wooded sideroad to the boundary for their schooling. In 1872, Angus Sutherland was appointed to call a meeting of ratepayers on the Second and Third Concessions to plan for a school. In 1874, the Crown Deed for an acre of Lot 15, Concession 3 was obtained by the trustees, and a frame school erected.
In 1906, trustees, Angus MacDonald, Alex Reid, and William MacDonald decided that a new school was needed. John Haug of Tiverton built the masonry and Mr. Bolander the carpenter work. Classes continued in the old school during construction of the brick school, then the old building was moved to the farm of Kenneth Robinson. In 1959 it was destroyed by fire while occupied by the John Bonnett family.

In 1924-25 the proceeds of a play, "Jimmy Johnson's job", directed by Miss K. Patterson, were used to buy an organ and victrola for the school. In 1929, Miss Patterson's salary was $1000.00 and the entire budget for the year was $1,100.00, so it is obvious that only by extra effort could any money be made available for teaching aids. Even the redecorating carried out in 1935 was largely paid for by the performance of "The Backfire". In the depression year 1931 following Miss Patterson's resignation the trustees voted to hire a teacher at $640.00; second choice was one for $725.00.
In 1950, because enrolment was low and teachers difficult to find, the Township School Area Board closed S.S. No. 5 and transported the children to S.S. No. 3. In 1964, the building was sold to Archie Shipley. Now owned by Lewis and Alice Abela, it stands vacant.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

S.S. # 5 1893 class  courtesy of Mona MacLean
S.S. # 5 about 1910 class & names  courtesy of Islay Wrightson & Ruth Matheson
S.S. # 5 about 1912 building & class  courtesy of Islay Wrightson & Lois Schnittker
S.S. # 5 about 1912 class  courtesy of  Lois Schnittker
S.S. # 5 1938 class & names courtesy of Ruth Matheson
S.S. # 5 1939 class & names courtesy of Lois Schnittker

2006 Reunion, Ron & Dorothy Bruce courtesy of Margaret Bruce Hutton

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