courtesy of Joan Ferris

Union School Section No. 4 Bruce and Kincardine

The log school was located on Lot 21[29], Concession I on the south-west corner. It was closed after a few years because of the erection of the second school of U.S.S. No. 3, which caused controversy over school locations. In 1874 the log school of No. 5 was replaced by a frame building. By this time the sections had changed and No. 4 was reopened, taking in children from the property west of the Greenock boundary to Sideroad 25. Trustees were: John Kennedy, Jim McLennan, and Robert McFadyen. In 1898 the teacher, Miss Mamie McRac, received a salary of $350.00 and paid $4.00 a month for board.

The growing village of Glamis began to agitate for their own school. When fire destroyed No. 4 during the Easter holidays a new school was quickly built across the sideroad on Lot 30. Jack Rowan was the first teacher, later Joseph McAulay, who also preached in the Baptist Church.

As the attendance declined to one pupil in 1938 the school was closed, but the furniture was retained in the hope of future reopening which was never achieved. The building was sold in 1963 to Frank Zister of Chepstow for $25.00; it was removed, and the land reverted to farm use.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

Picture of SS4  courtesy of Joan Ferris                     
U.S.S #4 about 1917 students & names   courtesy of Joan Ferris
U.S.S #4 1929 parade & names   courtesy of Mona MacLean
U.S.S. #4 about 1936 students & names  courtesy of Joan Ferris

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