School Section No. 14 

courtesy of Marjorie Tennyson

On January 7, 1873, when the first records began, the trustees were Neil Cameron, Lachlan McPhail, and Murdock McRae, on whose farm the school was situated, Lot 21, Concession 12. The salary of the teacher, William John R. MacDonald of Kincardine, is unrecorded, but the cost of 15 cords of hardwood is shown as 80 cents a cord.
In 1874 a porch was built across the front and in 1875, a board fence put up around the grounds. In 1876, Thomas Rankin was engaged to teach at $370.00 per year on condition that he spend $5.00 on books as prizes for the children, and do the caretaking.
A new school was built on the same site in 1899. Classes were held in a vacant house nearby, rented from Mr. McRae for $5.00, while the new school was being built. G.G. Kenny, the architect, received $15.00. Contractors were Menzies and McKinnon who built the school for $1725.00, with ten year debentures issued on the debt.
In 1909, Herman Boettger drilled a well, and a furnace was installed in 1913 by Archibald Sinclair for $150.00. In 1917, new cement steps and a platform were built by John H. McGillivray for $45.00.
On May 16, 1939, the pupils made a trip to Stratford as a group to see King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. In 1941, a bee was held to draw soil for the levelling of the grounds and to erect a flagpole. Electricity was obtained in 1944 and five years later an oil furnace was purchased for $650.00.
Attendance steadily declined until 1955, when the school was closed and the pupils transported to S.S. No. 15.
In 1965, the property was sold to Alan Ribey. No longer occupied, it is part of the farm property owned by Barry Ribey.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

S.S. #14 1912 newspaper photo & names courtesy of Port Elgin Times
S.S. #14 1928 class & names courtesy of Tweedmuir book
S.S. #14 1939 class & names courtesy of Tweedmuir book
S.S. #14 1947 class courtesy of Roy Scott
S.S. #14 class 1953 courtesy of Roy Scott

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