School Section No. 12 at  (Lot 21, conc 12)

courtesy of Jennifer (Hodge) Barna

In 1856, school sections 11 and 12 were listed as one, containing the portion of land from Lot 46 in the Lake Range to Lot 70 in the north and east to Lot E in Concessions 10 to 14. The area was extended to the Goderich Road in each of these concessions.
When school rates were levied in 1857, the rate in this section was set at six pence per pound assessment. In 1865, $123.00 was raised for school purposes. The first Secretary-Treasurers for Section No. 12 were William Muir, Job Carr, and Thompson Kelso.
The school was a frame building located on the southeast corner of Lot J, Concession 13.
In 1875, with the remarkable growth in population, and increasing prosperity in the area, a residence was provided for the teacher. A half acre of land was purchased from James and Hannah Smith for $50.00. Another half acre was purchased in 1898 from William and Elizabeth Sumpton, on the northeast corner Lot J, Concession 12. This became the site of a new school building, erected by Sandy Brunton and Colin Campbell, masons, assisted by workers from the section. Dave McIntosh bought the old building to be moved to his farm. A debenture, payable in nine years, was issued by the Township of Bruce, to raise the $900.00 cost.
Music was approved for the curriculum in 1937. Hydro was installed in 1947. The school joined the area board in 1950.
Among the many fine citizens who laboured to build this community, the name Nuttall has appeared in the records of the school's administration for at least 90 years. When the Central School was established, this building was sold; it has been converted to a residence, now owned by Winston and Shirley Mandigo.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

S.S. #12 1899 newspaper photo with names courtesy of Margaret McConnell
S.S. #12 1921 class & names courtesy of Rita (Gingrich) Smith
S.S. #12 1929 faded picture of class courtesy of Bonnie Colins
S.S. #12 1930 class and names courtesy of Rita (Gingrich) Smith
S.S. #12 1930 students & names courtesy of Rita (Gingrich) Smith
S.S. #12 1957-58 class and names courtesy of Donelda MacGillivray
S.S. #12 1957 Tiverton Fall Fair flag & bearers and names courtesy of Donelda MacGillivray
S.S. #12 1957 Tiverton Fall Fair parade courtesy of Donelda MacGillivray
S.S. #12 1959-60  class courtesy of Donelda MacGillivray
S.S. #12 1960  class & names courtesy of Jennifer (Hodge) Barna
S.S. #12 1963-64  class & names courtesy of Donelda MacGillivray

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