Union School Section No. 1 - Inverhuron

courtesy of Marjarie Tennyson

Just south of the brick school on Victoria Street, which became such a familiar part of Inverhuron, stood the former log school, built in 1862. Before the invasion of the sand dunes, the school yard was covered with green grass over thick sod in which children found wild strawberries in June. Glimpses of the lake could be seen from the school.
In 1862 taxes amounted to $127.10. Miss Roach, the first teacher, received $200.00 a year. Alex Gray built a chimney for $4.10. Trustees were William Downey, John McRae, Peter McRae, James Lothian, A. Anderson, Hugh Matheson, Nelson and Reuben Frink, and William Gray.
The brick school was erected in 1875 by Clelland and MacDougall of Tiverton for $945.00. A new well was drilled. A motion is on record that the school should be opened by a social "or something approved by the ladies" but there is no record of what they approved. Children walked great distances, such as the Scotts who trudged from their home on the B Line With the decline of Inverhuron the enrollment fell away to one pupil. In 1953 the school was closed.
The building was located on crown land. In 1963 the patent was obtained and in 1964 the grounds were sold to Clarence Boettger. The building was later torn down.

Taken from "Bruce Township- Tales and Trails from early days to 1983" written by the Bruce Township Historical Society  (with permission)

U.S.S. # 1 about 1939, class & names courtesy of Mary Young
U.S.S. # 1 1939 class & names courtesy of Mary Young
U.S.S. # 1 1947-48 class & names courtesy of Gail Zondervan
U.S.S. #1 2006 pile of stones at old marker courtesy of Donna Marsh

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