Bruce Township Central Public School

Time Capsule

steel box- outside viewTime Capsule- inside

At the request of Astrid Oude Voshaar, I contacted several people about the story of the BTCPS time capsule.  Here is the story from Ann Roppel, a teacher at BTCPS up to the last year.
The time capsule was a sheet metal box that was opened in the auditorium in the last week before the school closed in June 2002. All that she could remember that it held was a video tape of one of the school plays plus stories written by Mrs. White's kindergarten kids about what they wanted to be when they grew up. She did remember that those same kindergarten kids were then the grade 8 graduating class and that the story sheets were distributed to them at the box opening ceremony.

The municipal clerk, Donna Doern and I found the sheet metal box in the storeroom at the Underwood community centre, together with all the old school trophies.  It was empty - pictures above.
If anyone has more information about the time capsule, when it was made, what was in it or who emptied it, please e-mail