Bruce Township

along the Lake Huron shoreline in Ontario, Canada
Unofficial web page maintained by John Kaminski for the Township of Bruce Historical Society.

Bruce Township Links

  1. Driving Tour booklet printed in November 2015
  2. Our book on farm lots, Laneways & Landmarks
  3. An 1986 booklet summurizing interviews with 23 long time residents, Bruce Township Memories
  4. Our earlier book on the history of the township and families, Tales and Trails
  5. Anne Judd's 2012 book, Five Ghost Towns
  6. Township of Bruce Historical Society
  7. Bruce Township Schools
  8. Video list of long time Bruce Township residents
  9. Village information 
  10. Hamlet of Glammis
  11. Migrants from Bruce Township
    This information on families and individuals who migrated from the Township of Bruce in Bruce County, Ontario, is derived from family stories published by The Township of Bruce Historical Society in Bruce Township Tales and Trails, 1984.

Links to Other Websites

  1. Bruce County Historical Society
  2. Bruce County Genealogical Society
  3. "The History of the County of Bruce" written in 1906 by Norman Robertson (chapter 22 on Bruce Twp.)
    Searchable text available at 
  4. The Grey, Bruce, Dufferin & Simcoe Postal History Study Group has information and first day covers from various towns, including some in Bruce Twp.
  5. Links to Bruce Twp. information at the Bruce County Museum
  6. Index to Kith and Kin of Kinloss : a history of the settlement of Kinloss Township

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