Bruce Township Laneways and Landmarks


p. 19,20 Ruetz was incorrectly spelled Reutz.
p. 21 Kuepfer was incorrectly spelled Keupfer.
p. 47 Kuepfer was incorrectly spelled Keupfer.
p. 52 Concession 2 Lot G: A story for this lot, although it was submitted by the deadline, was inadvertently
omitted. A full version is available at Con2_LotG.htm
p. 101 Bruce C. Roppel was incorrectly listed as Bruce M. Roppel.
p. 133 Willich was incorrectly spelled Willick.
p. 169 John Roppel Jr. is more commonly known as John P. Roppel.
p. 326 Donelda MacGillivray was incorrectly spelled McGillivray.
p. 372 Concession 12, Lot 36: Misplaced details for this story are now available. The complete story is
available at Con12_Lot36.htm
p. 381 "Beth" Wall incorrectly listed as Helen Wall. The first column should say Grant and Elizabeth "Beth" (Thacker) Wall.