Concession 12 Lot 36

1872 Crown Deed - Jas. McKittrick, 1916 Robert Fullerton, 1922 Fanny T. Hay, 1948 D. Kenneth Hay, 1975 Frank M. & Catherine L. Hearn, 1986 Wilfried & Karin Zimmerman, 1998 Guenter A. Foerster, 2003 Gary W. McGillivray & Darryl J. McGillivray

This farm was occupied in 1858 by the family of Peter McNeil, son of Finlay of Lot 35 and brother of Neil of Lot 34. Peter, who was blind, apparently did not complete the requirements for the patent.

Fourteen years later, the Crown Deed went to James McKittrick (1837-1915) who married Mary Crawford (1837-1924). Their daughter, Sarah Jane, born 1878, was a talented organist who is recorded as first organist for the Union Sunday School held in S.S.# 15 school. Sarah Jane passed away in 1905. There were two sons, William (1866-1933) and James Milton (1874-1928). Both are buried in Stark Vale Cemetery, Greenock.

The McKittricks built the beautiful red brick farmhouse here. In an early photograph, one can see a large log cabin to the east of this new home. The Paisley Advocate of November14, 1923, mentions a farewell party for the McKittrick family.

Living just next door, on the Greenock side of the Bruce/Greenock boundary, was the Hay family. Fanny was born in 1876 in Perth, Lanark County. She and David had married in 1898. They had four children: Grant, D. Kenneth (1901), W. James (Jim)(1903) who later bought Lot 35, and Hazel (1905).

David Hay, born in 1872, passed away in 1906. He had gone to the Gold Rush, but became ill and died at the young age of 34. In 1919, Fanny began buying land in Bruce Township, across the road from their home property, beginning with Lot 35, Concession 13, followed by this property.

Fanny was able to pay for these farms by herding turkeys. Daughter Hazel continued to do the same while living at home with her mother. Hazel was also noted for being a good correspondent especially in writing to soldiers serving in the Second World War. One soldier she corresponded with and later married was Emerson Howe.

Kenneth lived with his mother and worked the farm, becoming owner in 1948. After his mother died in 1971, Kenneth sold and moved to Paisley, where he passed away in 1978.

Frank and Catherine Hearn had a young family while living on this farm. While the Zimmermans owned the property, a windstorm on May 30, 1998, destroyed the large barn.

Guenter A. Foerster continued to live in Germany after buying the farm, coming here occasionally for holidays.

Gary McGillivray and son Darryl of Concession 13, Lot 16, farm the land. Darryl and Jen Young of Brant Township married in 2008.